You know you're awesome, right?

I'm serious, let's hit the rock because I am SO excited you've decided to take charge of your health and fitness and surround yourself with information and people who will help make that happen. That's why you're here, right?  I can't wait to tell how being a Konfident Body Club member will change. your. life. and do just that. Surrounding yourself with a fantastic group of others who are serious about krushing their health and fitness goals is an important step in moving forward. You will love this online community, designed and operated by me, a 16-year master level trainer and nutritionist. We are constantly filling this site with premium content (available only to members for just $12/mo) in order to keep our Konfident Body Club family in the best health of their lives. Check out the membership benefits and get signed-up today! It only takes a minute and you're in! 

Member Benefits

Konfident Body Club is an exclusive online fitness and nutrition community designed by Master Level Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Keridon McMahon. After helping thousands of men and women achieve their fitness goals, Keridon realizes that the recipe for fitness includes more than just diet and fitness. It requires konfidence, too. Konfidence to be proactive; to make time; to be accountable; to branch-out; to be a little uncomfortable for the reward of achieving amazing results. With the realization that Konfidence is a vital piece of the fitness puzzle, Konfident Body Club was born.

Join this special-access group for just $12/mo. to receive premium-content designed by Keridon, your personal trainer and nutritionist.

Join us today and receive:

  • Exclusive Online Workout Events
  • Exclusive Online Workouts
  • Exclusive Online Nutrition Workshops
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
    • The benefit of this group is priceless! You’ll get to interact with other Konfident Body Clubbers who share their own stories and wellness best-practices.
    • You can link arms with other like-minded people and help overcome challenges together while motivating each other to succeed!
    • Keridon checks into the group regularly to answer questions and keep everyone inspired.
    • Need to cancel? No hassle, guaranteed. Just hit the yellow unsubscribe button, below, and feel free to re-join anytime if you change your mind.


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